Election platform 2017

Av Jan Erik Amilén den 4 September 2017

Valplattform 2017 in English, Church Elections, 17th of September 2017
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Jesus says:

I am the way, the truth and the life.”


  • The way for the Church of Sweden

–        a church free of party politics.

  • The truth for the Church of Sweden

–       a church with love for the word of God

  • The life in the Church of Sweden

–       a church with Jesus at the centre



Vote for Frimodig kyrka! This is our election platform. Frimodig kyrka – the genuine option in the Church Elections!



Let Jesus be at the centre!


Reform the church!


Jesus Christ is Lord of the Church. This must have consequences for how the Church of Sweden works.


The Church of Sweden needs to find a new love for Jesus and His word and for all of those who do not yet know Him.


The Church of Sweden needs to build living parishes which celebrate church services where people are brought into a living relationship with Jesus.


The Church of Sweden shall be free from meddling by political parties, just like other churches.


The introduction to the Church Order, unanimously adopted by the Church Council, is fully in line with Frimodig kyrka:


“The purpose is that people shall come to faith in Jesus Christ and live in faith, a Christian community is created and deepened, God’s kingdom spread, and the creation restored.”


Now it is high time to implement it. This, our candidates want to work for.



Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life


The way for the Church of Sweden

To reach a destination, you must know the way. Jesus is the only way to the Father. He is the way confessed by the Church of Sweden.

In order to make decisions in a Christian church you need to know Jesus and live in the community of the faithful. Decisions have to be founded upon the confession of the church and not on political platforms.

Therefore, there is no place for political parties in the Church of Sweden. There is, however, a place for you who

wants to follow Jesus, no matter which

political party you sympathise with.


The truth for the Church of Sweden

The Bible is divinely inspired and gives us a true image of Jesus. He is the son of God, the Lord and role model of the Church. This gives the Bible a unique position in the Church. Jesus, as we confess him based on the words of the Bible, should be at the centre of all decisions and all work in the Church of Sweden.


The life in the Church of Sweden

Frimodig kyrka wants to emphasize living worship communities

–       that gather around the Word and the sacraments,

–       that lives in prayer and praise

–       that worships Jesus Christ, the Saviour,

–       where the Holy Spirit of God can work and awaken new life.


Frimodig kyrka prays for a revival in our country and our world so that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ. He has promised: “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”



The cross

In his love God sent his only son to earth to die on a cross, atone the sins of all men, and save us from death.

The cross is a sign of the victory of Jesus over death and evil. It is a uniting symbol for the world wide Church and a sign of hope for all who suffer and and are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Church of Sweden must hold the cross high and cannot hide it. This holds true both in church buildings as well as in the everyday life of Christians. We are not ashamed of the Gospel! It is a power of God that saves each and every one who believes!



The Reformation Anniversary of 2017

This year we mark the 500 year anniversary of the Lutheran reformation.

“Re-formation” is about searching for the roots of the Church: the Bible and the confession of Jesus. Then we can boldly and without fear face the future.

The purpose of the reformation was to abolish abuses in the church of that time. We are called to reform, in our days as well. We cherish the Church of Sweden and we rejoice with living parishes, revival movements and all our brothers and sisters in Christ, and therefore we seek visible unity between churches and denominations.


You can become a member by going to www.frimodigkyrka.se/medlem



Bankgiro 5150-3910 or Swish 123 149 64 39


Thank you for your support, your efforts, and your vote in the elections!

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